Giovanna Califive Wheels Will Give Your Car a Killer Look

Giovanna Califive Wheels are the ultimate rims that will make all your street dreams come true. Designed to upgrade the performance of your car on the road, they are very stylish and will always leave other motorists on the road with mouths wide open as they watch in disbelief. This is due to the unique style that they are manufactured with. Giovanna Wheels has in the recent years and to date become a household name that most high class celebrities and car enthusiasts identify with. This is the reason why you need these wheels because they will instantly change the look of your car upon installation and acquire a unique style which only a few people have experienced.

Experienced Engineers Behind Giovanna Califive Wheels

Giovanna Califive Rims are designed and manufactured by some of the most experienced engineers in the industry. These custom wheels are manufactured in Italian style, which has got a proven track record in terms of precision and metallurgy in the industry. The Italian craftsmanship is also known for some of the best one and two piece rims universally which of course have to just be Giovanna Califive. The quality of these wheels makes them even very perfect for racing. Most of these car rims have been and are still been used by racing teams in their cars. This is just to prove that Giovanna Califive Wheels are manufactured for higher performance on the road. Some of the subordinate brands of Giovanna Rims which have also sailed to greater heights in the industry include the Double G, G-Racing, GFG and the Gianelle.

Giovanna Califive Wheels

The custom packages of Giovanna Califive Wheels come in variety of colors to ensure that one gets the perfect one that matches the color and style of their cars. The black, Gunmetal or Grey rims are some of the wheel colors which are preferred for those people who have got interest in high performance street racing. For those who would just want their cars to stand out from the rest in the street, the Chrome or Polished wheels would be perfect. Every color is finished with a touch of gloss. These designs are customized to the makes of different cars and can still be further personalized on demand of a client. These Giovanna Califive Wheels are also available in various sizes ranging from 20 x 8.5, 20 x 10, 22 x 9, 22 x 9.5, 22 x 10.5, 22 x 11, 24 x 9.5 to 24 x 11. The sizes also vary depending on the make of a particular care and the year.

Giovanna Califive Wheels Custom Options

Technical wheel experts have listed Giovanna Califive Rims as a ’5 Spoke split’. This best explains the unique style that these wheels have over other custom rims. What’s more is that the wheels are forged by Giovanna’s experienced engineers who can also design the rims in personalized styles as requested by clients. The style of the wheel remembers is what gives the wheel a significant outlook the street. The procedure with which Giovanna Califive Wheels is manufactured also ensures that durability is enhanced to ensure that every driver whose car operates on these wheels is confident of their performance while on the road.

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