Gianelle Wheels will make your Volkswagen Jetta stand out

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Volkswagen owners have always needed something to set them apart from the rest of the millions of VW owners on the road. The easiest way to achieve that has always been a set of custom wheels. Wheels will dramatically alter the look of your vehicle from the moment they are installed. VW is considered a luxury brand in most markets. With its european heritage, the styles available to the Jetta are numerous. One of the more popular manufacturers of wheels for a VW Jetta, is Gianelle Wheels.

Gianelle Wheels were started in the 90′s by WTW. They have always been popular, but few know that they are also part of a larger group of wheel companies that include such popular wheel lines such as Giovanna Wheels, GFG Forged Wheels, and Koko Kuture Wheels.

This particular setup is using the Gianelle wheels called Santo-2ss featuring a black center finish with a chrome stainless steel lip. The Santo 2ss is also available in Machined Black With Chrome Stainless LipMachined Silver With Chrome Stainless Lip, and Matte Black Face With Gloss Black Lip.




Newest Gianelle Wheels available from Street Dreams

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