Get that classic tuner look with the Enkei SR6

enkei_sr6_gunmetalPretentious is not a word you’ll hear associated with the Enkei SR6. In fact, far from trying to come off or be something that it isn’t, this wheel package epitomizes the happy combination of simplicity, style, and durability. Sadly, such a combination isn’t present with many of the wheel packages on the market. Why? Shooting for a stylish look can be quite a crap shoot. What is styling for one type of car might come off as over the top and pretentious or downright outrageous for another car model. This is the problem, a classic problem at that, the Enkei SR6 avoids with panache. It has a simple design that is stylish enough, but it doesn’t come as specially aggressive or loud. More importantly, it doesn’t come off as cheesy. Sadly, this can’t be said for many wheel models that look sleek and stylish for certain cars but come off as loud, cheesy, and downright vulgar for other vehicles. By shooting for the stylistic model, the Enkei SR6 achieves what many wheel makers desire: a versatile design that goes with a wide range of car makes, models, and designs.

The Enkei Wheels SR6 comes in 15 through 18 inch sizes. In terms of color, the Enkei SR6 comes in gunmetal, bronze, or matte black with machined lips. Just like with many other wheels that sport the Enkei brand, one of the recognized industry leaders in wheel manufacturing, design, and marketing, the Enkei SR6 conforms to Spec-E standards. Enkei’s claim to fame is its quality and design. By formulating the Spec-E standard, Enkei wanted to go beyond the call of duty and produce wheels that can withstand more punishment than competing wheel models manufactured to the industry-standard specifications. As a result, Spec-E enables the Enkei SR6 to withstand more severe drops and also maintain its rotational integrity despite heavy stress. If you are looking for durable aluminum wheels, you can’t go wrong with Enkei and you should definitely check out the Enkei SR6.

The Enkei SR6′s main point of distinction is that it is relatively simple. When it comes to car wheels, simplicity is a virtue. Why? It allows you to install these wheels on a wider variety of cars. There are certain wheels that command so much attention and have such a distinctive association with concepts of elegance and high performance that they are pretty much marginalized to a tight range of cars. If you put those wheels on cars that are simpler or conventional, the wheels look very cheesy. In other words, the tail ends up wagging the dog. The Enkei SR6 doesn’t grab the limelight from your car. Instead, it lets your car’s innate design and elegance stand out. This is the real job of a good wheel package-make the car stand out and enhance its overall look. A great wheel design doesn’t take away from a car’s impression by hogging all the attention. Instead, it plays up the car’s strengths and becomes part of the overall holistic look of the car. The Enkei SR6 does this job well.


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