Foose Wheels Designed by Chip Foose

Chip Foose has built a legacy of designs and achievements that are far beyond his years In a very brief career. Foose started work at his father’s company, Project Design, in Santa Barbara, California at just age seven. By age twelve, he had already gotten almost five years experience.

In 1982, Inspired by Ford designer Alex Tremulis, He enrolled at the Art Center College of Design but unfortunately dropped out because of financial challenges. He then worked at ASHA Corp for about years before returning to the Art Center to finish his education and graduated in 1990 with honors in automotive product design. Foose proceeded to work full-time for Sterenberger Design as an automotive designer, creating illustrations and conceptual designs.

Foose resigned from Sterenberger to work at Ford in 1993. Coddington convinced him to come work for him instead. While at Coddingtonís company Hot Rods by Boyd, working full time, Foose became the president. At the company he designed many internationally known vehicles such as Sportstar, the Boydster I and II, Boyd Air and many more. However, his venture with Boyd ended in 1998.

Not long after that, Chip and his wife Lynne started their own company at Huntington Beach, California and called it Foose Design, an automotive and product design Development Company. In November 1997, at age 31, Chip was inducted into the Hot Rod Hall of Fame making him the youngest member to be inducted into the Hot Rod Hall of Fame. In 1998, Chip was also honored at the SMRA banquet where he became the first recipient of the Good Guys Trendsetter Award. At the 50th Anniversary of the Grand National Roadster Show, he also got the prestigious award of America’s Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR). In 2000 he won the AMBR again. Chip has won seven different AMBR since then, the last being in 2006.

In 2004 Chip started a television series called “Overhaulin’”. The show had 5 successful seasons with about 90 vehicles restored, it is still being aired in most domestic and international markets.

Chip continues to run his company Foose Design, where he designs and builds classy automotive pieces and automobile parts some of which are the exquisite Foose wheels.


Foose Wheels are in a class of their own. Their striking designs and are made from top quality materials. There are two major categories of their designs. The originals and classics. The originals are distinct, definite designs for the most beautiful of cars while the classics are based on the designs of classic roadsters and hot rods.

The originals and classics usually come in multi-pieces, two, and one piece wheels. The multi-piece wheels are mainly in two or three piece designs, bolting at the center. The two piece wheels are welded at the centre to the rim and are available in a polished aluminum finish. The one piece wheels have been cast and are available in shiny metal to black oxide finishes. The multi piece designs are available in polished, chrome, and custom finishes. This variety in designs creates a custom fit for any car.

Foose wheels can be painted to match any automobile color. A lot of owners have ordered their wheels in different colors such neon green, hot pink, light orange, and lemon yellow. All these color choices depend on taste and pocket size. Foose wheels are also available for various tire sizes. Whether a wheel that matches your truck, SUV, or car, thereís always one that fits your tire.

A vehicle with Foose rims always turns heads. It is almost impossible to ignore them. Owners are proud to have them and itís always clean and shining with no scratch or dirt on it. Once you’ve bought a set, it may mean an end to using plain factory wheels again. Whatever your taste may be, modern or vintage, you will always find a set that makes your car stand out. Foose wheels are now an inherent part of car culture and will be for a very long time to come.

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