Enkei Wheels Mean Performance

Many individuals buying wheels go for performance, or size, or even its aesthetic appeal. The majority of customers are everyday drivers who like good strong wheels that won’t cost them substantial amounts of money to maintain. Enkei wheels usually match their taste.

Enkei Wheels started out as ‘Enshu Keigokin Co’, which in English meant ‘Light Alloy of the Province of Enshu’. They produced aluminum alloy airplanes parts. In 1986 they began supplying wheels to the Minardi F1 team, and a wheel company was born. Today Enkei makes more than 16 million wheels per year and arguably one of the largest manufacturers of wheels in the world.

Enkei has partnerships with The Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 team, with drivers Jensen Button and Lewis Hamilton, The Mitsubishi Ralliart, winner of consecutive WRC championships from 1996 to 1999, Formula drivers like Tyler McQuarrie, Rhys Millen, Toshiki Yoshioka and many others.


At Enkei, one of their philosophies is about bringing performance and strength at an affordable price. To do this, they use their own hybrid casting and flow-forming process. Enkei’s hybrid process wheels are much less expensive than forged wheels and still lighter and stronger than most traditional castings.

Enkei’s design philosophy is deeply Japanese. The early designs possess a stark, functional beauty about them, with careful attention to details like beautifully curving spokes and delicate knife edge tracings that display strength. Lately, Enkei has also begun to produce some extraordinary but complex designs that appear art pieces while retaining pragmatic feeling of functionality. They call the hybrid process MAT ( Most Advanced Technology). MAT produces considerably lighter barrels and external edges with lesser spin weight starts from high-pressure casting which is flow-formed; heated up and spun at high speed between two steel rollers.

Enkei takes what it has learned from the racing world, and applies it to its consumer wheels. Many of Enkei’s performance wheels possess a double-spoke design derived from F1 technology to provide better dispersion of impact stress. The deep center pocket which is one amongst Enkei’s most dependable design elements is there to aid brake cooling. Enkei in addition has released a number of wheels in a whole new option referred to as SBC ( Special Brilliant Coating ). SBC looks almost like chrome. It is one of the modern faux-chrome finishes that we will start seeing more of over the coming years.

If you are in the market for Enkei Wheels, give Street Dreams a call. We won’t be beat on Enkei prices!

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