Enkei Fujin defines classic tuner styling

enkei_fujin_blackIf you are a low-key guy who wants to add a little splash of flavor to your car, you might want to give the Enkei Fujin a peek. This model is designed for everyday drivers who want a little something special for their ride. It doesn’t drag eyeballs or scream out ‘look at me’ but it does the job. It gives the impression that the owner of your car has a sense of taste and style. Not exactly plain vanilla but the Enkei Fujin helps you add a little dash of style to your car. This model is aimed at car owners who aren’t big on flash but want to communicate the fact that they have an appreciation for style and performance.

The Enkei Fujin comes in 17 inch or 18 inch sizes and comes in either matte black or bright silver. As with many other Enkei models, it has been Spec-E inspected. Of course, this wheel model will not be an Enkei if it wasn’t produced with Enkei’s groundbreaking MAT technology. MAT enables Enkei to strengthen aluminum. Not only does this manufacturing process strengthen aluminum so it can withstand more punishment than usual, this technology also preserves aluminum’s design versatility and light weight.

Named after the Japanese wind go, the Fujin reminds rim fans of Enkei’s original claim to fame-its lightweight rims. Indeed, with its light but durable construction, cars decked out with Enkei Fujin rims can breeze through much of highway and road traffic. No drag. And your car isn’t weighed down. That’s the Enkei innovation. Thank goodness for MAT and similar manufacturing processes, the rest of the rim industry has become well aware of the trifecta needed for optimal rim design: light weight, design flexibility and versatility, and strength.


Make no mistake about it-this rim model was made for and designed for everyday drivers. While you can choose to slap this rim on to a high end BMW or Mercedes, its overall profile and look reveals a more democratic bent. If you ride a mid-level car or even lower-level car or just want to add a little splash of style to your car, this is a great model to look into. Practical and understated, the design of Enkei Fujin emphasizes its lightweight and speed. Hence the wind god name. It’s not about flash. It’s not about screaming ‘hey, look at me!’ Instead, this rim package is all about practicality, everyday dependability, and lightweight. Since there is a thin line between commanding attention and begging for attention, this rim’s design is understated enough to help you make your point without having to scream. It can definitely add a little stylish accent to the lines and design elements of your car. This design doesn’t pull eyeballs off your car. Instead, it does the job rims were meant to do-accentuate. In other words, it assists. It doesn’t try to shoot a three pointer from way down the other side of the court. If you are looking for a relatively understated but stylish way to accessorize your car, give the Enkei Fujin a shot.

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