Enkei BR7: Simple style redefined

Enkei BR7 WheelsIf you are looking for a simple rim that does the job but doesn’t come off as a ‘no frills’ rim, you should definitely check out what the Enkei BR7 is all about. Produced by Enkei, the proven leader in rims and wheel accessories, the Enkei BR7 embodies simplicity without sacrificing the quality Enkei is known for. It is a lightweight wheel so you can rest assured that it won’t drag you down or weigh you down when you deck out your car and hit the town.

The Enkei BR7 is available In 18, 17, and 16 inch sizes. It is also available in Matte Gray and Silver Machined colors. Despite its simple looks, it is Spec-E certified. Spec-E is Enkei’s own quality specifications which exceed the industry’s JWL standards. What is different about Spec-E? Almost everything, actually. First of all, Spec-E uses higher drop points. This is crucial because most rims take a lot of punishment on the road and many times, you will hit certain drops. Spec-E makes sure that Enkei’s rims are able to take more punishment from road drops and uneven surfaces than rims made to the industry-standard JWL requirements. Also, Spec-E requires 20% more rotary bending cycles. This is crucial because the more you use your rims, the higher the chance your wheels might suffer from rotary bending stress and fatigue.

Don’t let the Enkei BR7′s simple looks and lines fool you, it packs a lot of durability and quality in a tight package. It can take quite a bit of a beating and still retain its sleek look. If you are looking for a simple accessory that doesn’t go overboard, the Enkei BR7 is a good bet for you. You get the quality assurance that comes with the Enkei brand while getting a simple design that not only does the job but does it in style. Let’s face it-much of the rim industry is geared towards flashy, loud, and downright cheesy designs. You will probably stand out more with simpler rims because these types of rims let your car’s design and styling stand out. They don’t grab the limelight and dilute your car’s own appeal. When it comes to simplicity, the Enkei BR7 is a great place to start.


While flash and novelty can get a lot of attention, at the end of the day, rims are all about sustainability and reliability. When it comes to these qualities and concerns, the Enkei BR7 has you covered. It has a decent look that is very versatile. It can go with a wide range of car makes and models. Moreover, it doesn’t stand out too much. It adds a touch of style and elegance without going overboard This makes it a great choice for a wide range of cars. Moreover, should you decide to upgrade your car, you can easily put these rims on your new car. Chances are it will go well with your new vehicle. Versatility, durability, and simplicity. That’s what the Enkei BR7 is all about. Check this rim package out today and see what you’ve been missing.

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