Dub wheels, the wheels your ride needs.

dub-logoDub wheels parent company, American Racing, has been in existence for more than 50 years and has continued to reinvent itself over the years. The pioneering company in the dub aftermarket wheels was formed when drag racer Romeo Palamides, machine shop owner J.O Elllison and engineering innovator Tom Griffith teamed up to design high strength to ratio wheels for Romeo’s dragster.

Dub wheels has reinvented the way wheels are being viewed from the classic to the new styles in vogue. Dub chrome wheels have brought a breath of fresh air to the wheel industry. At a time where manufacturers are making wheels with old designs and style daily, Dub spinning wheels brought a change with its new Dub wheels company that featured a new innovative fusion of forged wheel styling with cast wheel technology.

Today, Dub Wheels is America’s foremost maker of aluminum after-market wheels for automobiles and trucks. Dub wheels is one of the oldest privately held and family owned corporation in the wheel manufacturing industry. It operates a distribution network of wholesales covering the U. S, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. The company operates several manufacturing facilities in the U. S. Dub wheels employ one of the most advanced technologies in the industry, Precision CNC machine tools and state of the art coating facilities to create one of the best wheel finishes yet in the industry. Dub Wheel Corporation aims to truly satisfy its customers by manufacturing one of the highest quality products at affordable prices. They pride themselves in making life better for all those who have anything to do with the company. They strive to positively benefit their employees through state-of-the-art technology and environmental concern. They are thus an asset to their communities.

DUB Rims are renowned for their high quality and unique designs and ability to maintain high standards earning them the respect they deserve. They are quite popular among custom wheel enthusiasts and fans. The Dub spinner wheels are available in various sizes as well as bolt patterns. There are the 22″, 24″,26″,28″ and 30″ inch wheels. Dub spinners come in chrome, chrome lip black, black with machined face and more finishes designed specifically to suit customers’ taste.

Dub custom rims have always been an industry favorite because they are designed and engineered according to the needs of enhanced cars, SUV’s and trucks today. All dub wheels accept Aftermarket TPMS sensors and carry the manufacturers’ warranties. While the Foose classics wheel are designed precisely to fit almost any application, the MHT forged edition offer great high performance tires and wheel packages for a wide range of luxury application. MHT forged editions can accommodate almost any difficult application out there from the Dodge Vipor or the Lamborghini to the enormous 32″ hummer applications. With an MHT 2-Piece forged edition, you’ll get that perfect combination of quality, strength and durability.

The Dub street concepts with its eye catching styling, sexy lines and staggered fitments are sure to turn heads anytime. There is the Davin black series with spin technology licensed by Davin, who sets the mark all spinners, should follow. These wheels are found on the cars of many celebrities, athletes and some guys that can afford an expensive rim. There is the Dub trump series which is Dub’s hottest chrome spinning wheel. Built on the same Davin spin technology, it comes straight from the factory as a spinning wheel, you will be the cynosure of all eyes with such luxury wheel.


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