DPR is the premier off road wheel company

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logoDPR is the premier company that specializes in manufacturing custom-off road wheels and products. The company broke into the wheels manufacturing industry in 2013. DPR aims to take the industry by storm and has shown their potentials in the off-roading world by coming out with quality products. While most off-roading companies start slowly with small accessories like bed liners and fog lights, DPR has always wanted to make a name for themselves and becoming the producers off the best odd-road products in the world. This is evident in the manufacturers’ one-piece forged wheels with diamond cut engraving that was rolled out at the 2014, SEMA convention in Las Vegas.

Every year, the automotive company gets a chance to see what automobile companies are planning to roll out for the coming year. Since 1967, SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) has been organizing the convention where the “who’s who” of the car world converge in Nevada to see the latest innovation in the industry.

Ever seen a set of custom wheels that just stand out and just caught your fancy that you can’t just place your finger on just how and why a set of wheels can look that good. Well chances are you just saw a DPR wheel. DPR Rims are custom off-road wheels made especially for trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs. DPR’s new set of wheels are custom-inspired wheels that are in high demand because of the class and sophistication they give. The different finishes on them offer buyers great choices from chrome, black matte to their darkest finish yet-the Black Mille. According to a DPR spokesman at the SEMA convention, “We strive to develop products with design, precision, technology, form and function being the key elements in the development process,”. He adds “such elements can be seen on our wheels.”

Most DPR wheels enthusiasts choose DPR because they want something that stands out. While many manufacturers are producing wheels with styles that are so overdone that it almost makes the classic designs look unoriginal, DPR brings a change like never seen before. The latest DPR Wheels lineup feature wheels with sleek designs and finishes that are suited for street use but durable enough for off-road use. Some of them include

DPR off-road wheels are made to last long, so you would not have to worry about defects appearing quickly and moreover you buy, with the confidence that there is an awesome manufacturer’s warranty that protects you from purchasing inferior products. There is a lifelong warranty on the wheels’ integrity and a one year warranty on the paint and finish. You would not be doing yourself any good if you don’t try out a DPR rims today.

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