Custom built wheels are for those that need a little more

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Did you know that Street Dreams has a massive array of custom built wheels to choose from? Custom built wheels are for vehicles that need precise fitment specifications. Reasons for needing such precisely built wheels can range from the basic, such as appearance, to needing to clear larger aftermarket brake calipers or tuck underneath the fender lips on a severely lowered or air-bagged car, truck, or SUV.

Street Dreams offers custom built applications from manufacturers such as Adventus, Asanti, Foose, Lexani, and more. These manufacturers offer wheels ranging from 14 inch all the way up to a staggeringly large 34 inches in diameter! The wheels they offer can be built in custom offsets, with custom center bores, and in a lot of cases, with custom and unique finishes.

Our custom built wheels search engine will help you narrow down the perfect set of wheels for you. Just plug in the size you are looking for, and it will show you every custom built wheel available.


As always, Street Dreams has trained and experienced staff standing by to answer any question you might have in regards to custom built wheels. Call us today at (866) 912-7437 to see what we can build for you!

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