Concept One CS-5.0 wheels are iconic

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logoThe Concept One CS-5.0 wheel is quite possibly the most iconic and traditional designs available in aftermarket wheels today. The CS-5.0 is a split five spoke design that is available in an array of finishes. The CS-5.0 is available in Matte Silver With Stainless Lip, Matte Black Machined With Gloss Black Lip, and Matte Black Machined With Stainless Lip. The 20 inch sizing come in staggered finishes for most european and luxury cars.

Concept One Wheels offer the next level of style and elegance while maintaining performance and function. They are the premier luxury wheel that brings you the future of automotive fashion with specific staggered fitments to fit Euro Tuners and Luxury Imports as well as traditional fitments. When you get ready to purchase your Concept One Wheels, give Street Dreams a call. We can offer unique discounts that other retailers can only dream of.


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