Blend style with manufacturing excellence with the Enkei Falcon

enkei_falcon_gunmetalCar owners buy rims the same way people buy clothes. While a lot of your overall look depends on your equipment-your body type, your musculature, your facial structure, your height, your facial bones, and other physical details, you can enhance your looks with accessories. Clothes show our attitude and reflect our values. You can tell much about a person’s personality by their choice of clothes. The same can be said about car owners and rims. Let’s face it-much of a car’s look depends on the car itself. That’s the way it should be. Just as wearing Michael Jordan Nike shoes won’t make you do slam dunks more than you already do (or don’t), installing high quality stylish rims on your car won’t make much of a difference if your car’s design doesn’t go with the rim or your car’s make and model aren’t normally viewed as stylish and sleek. In other words, rims can only take your car so far. Still, accessories do matter and if you pick the right design, it can enhance your car’s overall look. It is crucial, however, to pick out a car rim design that can accommodate your car’s particular model and existing style. You don’t want to buy rims that will grab attention from your car. This is similar to picking out clothes. You want to buy duds that complement your overall look but it shouldn’t take away from your body and and overall look. You want to stand out in a good way instead of looking like a brightly colored clown. The same goes with car rims. When it comes to understated yet powerful design, you can’t go wrong with the Enkei Falcon.

The ¬†Falcon is manufactured by Enkei Wheels, one of the most recognized names in the aftermarket rim industry. Enkei made its name because it is one of the first manufacturers to focus on blending strength, durability, and style. It offers a great blend of looks and strength. Enkei’s line is also very versatile since they know full well the variability and fickleness of the rim market. The Enkei Falcon comes in a wide range of sizes-starting out at 15 inches and ending with a 19 inch size. It has a 16, 17, and 18 inch size. This rim only comes in one color-silver. If its great styling and design aren’t great enough, the Enkei Falcon also embodies Enkei’s Spec-E specifications. This quality standard is higher than the industry standard JWL specs because it requires a higher tolerance of punishment from vertical drops and rotational stress.


The Enkei Falcon lets you accessorize your car and present a slee, up to date, and cutting edge look without being loud or obnoxious. Enkei’s designs do a good job of straddling three key concerns most car owners should focus on: durability, style, and versatility. And it does all this using lightweight aluminum. If you are looking to make your car stand out from the crowd the right way, give the Enkei Falcon a peek. It might just be right up your alley.

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