Asanti Two Piece Wheels Model: AF120 Chrome Wheels

AF120 Chrome Asanti Wheels – If you are passionate about automobile and love to see your vehicles stand out from the rest of ordinary cars, then this kind of model is the way to go. You necessarily do not have to rush to from one store to the other looking for the wheels you want. With technology, you are now able to shop for them online from the comfort of your couch. You can be sure to find to find the models that you want at very affordable prices. They are durable hence are an investment worth the while. Wheels are basically considered as the soul of any moving vehicle. They should hence be chosen with extra care.

With more and more businessmen venturing into the business of selling wheels, the market has become flooded, leaving the buyers in total confusion. However, choosing the right ones should not be a hard nut to crack, with available reliable sellers as well as products, it is pretty much easy to get original and trustworthy products.

About the Asanti AF120 Chrome Wheels Manufacturers

The Asanti Wheels manufactures are well and widely known for the forged wheels, which are luxurious and readily available in the markets today. The wheels are very unique and feature over sixty different designs, and over one thousand combination of sizes as well as finishes. The wheels are assembled by some of the highly trained technicians within the US.

Asanti Two Piece Wheels Model: AF120 Chrome Wheels

Different Sizes

The wheels are available in different size of inches, which include 19, 20, 22 and 24 inches. They are also available in almost any offset and width you can think of. The finish is chrome, well polished and carefully brushed. After only three to four weeks of finishing, they are shipped hence it is very convenient to get them. However, buyers should note that custom finishes may take longer to build hence some delays should be expected.

Features of Asanti AF120 Chrome Wheels

Asanti wheels are highly recommended for several aspects, one being their sturdiness, and reliability, a feature which goes along way in making them an outstanding brand. The sheen on the wheels is long lasting and very durable. This model is made from the highest quality chrome. This is a first line wheel and not a blem like most stores dealing with discount wheels will sell to you. They come in different finishes. These wheels are specifically designed for racing performances. Notably they are ideal for any sporting vehicle be it a truck, car among others. You can always get one to match your car’s size.

How Asanti AF120 Chrome Wheels Look

Asanti wheels standard color finishes feature three coats of oven baked powder coating, and another two coats of clear follows. Custom color finishes always feature two coats of high quality, automotive grade paint with another two coats of clear, which gives it a lustrous finish.

Interestingly, Asanti can customize your wheel for you to suit your required specifications.

Now, with such models in the markets, its time you went ahead and added a splash of style for yourself, the wheels will help you make a great look of your car with no disappointments!

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