Asanti SSC Wheels: Super Sport Collection Series

There are different designs of Asanti SSC Wheels, better known as the Super Sport Collection Series, made by Asanti Wheels. Most of these custom rims are designed for use by sports cars. They are very popular among Bugatti and Jaguar, just mention a few. These car wheels come in different designs, depending the vehicle owners taste and preference. Let us look at the examples of these Super Sport Collection, SSC Rims from Asanti Rims.

Asanti SSC-005 Wheels

SSC-005 Wheels

This wheels design ensures that the car can withstand any road irrespective of its toughness. From the time these custom rims were introduced in to the market, many car owners have visited the Asanti wheel to purchase these products. The quality of these Super Sport Collection wheels is determined by a team of experts, to ensure that they are of high quality. Through the immense experience in wheel industry, Asanti has become popular in the world of truck and car wheels. It has even gained a lot of support from world celebrities. The SSC-005 wheels are available in different sizes that ensure that they fit in each vehicle model. They are available in 19 inch and 20 inch rims. The SSC-005 wheel is constructed on a 3-piece mode that enhances the performance of the vehicle on the road. This particular custom wheel has gained a lot of praise from both car owners and manufactures. The SSC 005 is available in silver and chrome finish.

Asanti SSC-010 Wheels

SSC-010 Wheels

These custom wheels are another model of super sport collection manufactured by Asanti Rims. The car rims are one of the new series from Asanti. They have unique features. The performance of these custom wheels is outstanding. Another feature is the pocket forging of the wheels, to ensure that their wheel weight is reduced and maintained properly. They have been design on a three-piece construction mode. The manufactures have also ensured that the final texture looks fantastic. Another notable feature of these custom rims is that they are long lasting. Just like the other supers sport collecting wheels, the SSC-010 comes in different sizes and designs. The wheels sizes are 19 to 20 inch. This provides the car owners with option on which design to go for. You can also customize the SSC-010 wheels depending on your taste. The car wheels are made from high quality materials, to make them long lasting regardless of the terrain that the vehicle uses.

Asanti SSC-007 Wheels


This is another design from the Asanti Wheels. The wheels are designed to give extra comfort to the vehicle owners. Using the latest technology the SSC-007 performances matches the other versions of SSC super sport collection from Asanti Wheels. Just like the other series they come in 19 inch to 20 inche wheels. They are made from high quality materials to ensure that the wheels can withstand any track since the wheels are strong and durable.

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