Asanti SSC-010 Wheels

Asanti SSC-010 Wheels from the Super Sport Collection Series are the latest rims from Asanti wheel manufacturer. Asanti Rims has been a manufacturer and distributor of quality custom wheels for a long time. Asanti has a reputation of manufacturing quality custom rims, discounted wheels and tires in the current market. Experienced professionals who have been in the wheel manufacturing industry for a long time manufacture all SSC-010 Wheels. Before, their distribution, this manufacturer ensures that wheel specialists approve the wheels. Asanti SSC-010 rims have been very common over the recent past among the vehicle owners. Perhaps, their popularity can be attributed to their innovative features inside and outside the SSC-010.

Asanti SSC-010 Wheels

Features of Asanti SSC-010 Wheels

Super Sport Collection (SSC) wheels are some of the hottest car rims in the market today. They feature quality performance that is inspired by the design. Asanti SSC-010 wheels also feature a pocket forging that ensures reduction in their weight. These innovative car wheels are built on a three-piece construction. The manufacturer has also developed these wheels in a way to ensure a textured finish. This gives the SSC 010 wheel better performance and looks. They are made using forged Aluminum, 6061-T6. This quality material ensures they last longer than other custom rims from other manufacturers.


SSC-010 rims comes in a wide range of designs and styles. They are also available in different sizes ranging from 19” to 20”. This makes it possible for the buyers to get the design they like for their cars or trucks. The manufacturer also designs custom wheels, chrome wheels, and black rims. Depending on your favorite looks, you can order custom rims, chrome rims, or black wheels from the manufacturer. The wheels will come with color and finishes of your choice. This makes it possible for car owners to get a customized look for their vehicles. The Asanti SSC-010 wheels have been preferred by many car owners due to their ability to give vehicle owners a luxurious and customized look with ease.


SSC-010 Wheels are made of a high quality material. As a result, they are able to last long while delivering high performance on the road. Regardless of the terrain where you drive your vehicle with these Asanti SSC 010 rims, you can always be assured of the best performance. Perhaps, this is what has made these SSC-010 wheels popular among owners of sport cars. They deliver excellent performance in challenging terrains.

They are also manufactured using advanced metal. This structure ensures high quality and durability. It also reduces the weight of the rim while at the same time facilitating handling. These qualities make the SSC-010 wheel the best option for sporty rides.

Quality Service

Quality Services of the manufacturer of SSC-010 Wheels are another factor that can be attributed to their popularity. Not only does the manufacturer ensure quality products, but satisfying services as well. Once a client places an order for their services, Asanti responds to the order efficiently. A client in need of custom SSC-010 Wheels gets them after four to six weeks. Street Dreams offers fast expedited shipping and discounts on these products if they are combined in a rims and tires package.

Asanti SSC-010 Wheels Are the Best Choice

Asanti wheel manufacturer has been very popular to many car owners due to the quality of their wheels. SSC-010 Wheels being their product are no option in terms or excellent quality. This has also made the Asanti SSC-010 wheels a choice for many car owners.

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