Asanti SSC-007 Wheels

Asanti SSC-007 wheels are part of a large entourage of high functioning Super Sport Series (SSC) rims with a long-standing reputation in quality, performance and comfort. The Asanti SSC-007 rims are a first line set, nothing redone, nothing second on the factory product list; it works as well as it says it does, maybe even better.

Asanti SSC-007 Wheels:

Asanti SSC-007 Wheels

When it comes down to it, car wheels constitute the bulk of your car’s overall maintenance budget. A good set will give you service for years, at least; but a shady, second string variety will get you spending more on repairs than you should. The SSC-007 wheels are the kind of custom rims that will have you resting easy. Built for literally all terrain-road raging, these SSC 007 rims are worth every penny! At first, they may seem a little pricey, but the performance value attached will more than compensate, and, possibly even surpass your expectations on the SSC-007 wheels.

The Asanti Super Sports Series SSC007 is a fan favorite, with people who are pathological speed freaks finding it exceptional in grip and balance capabilities, as well as heightened strength levels, and low susceptibility to wear and tear. This is based on their 3-piece construction plan, which makes them relatively stronger, and less likely to buckle, even under the most intense of pressure. is one of the largest dealers and distributors in the wheel market with deals like these Asanti SSC-007 wheels. The SSC-007 rims by Asanti Super Sport Series guarantees performance, with an even finish that makes it the best brand for any function.

The performance to weight ratio is perhaps the most notable aspect of the Asanti SSC 007 wheels. The pocket-forging characteristic of its design results in significant weight reduction, but still maintains, and accentuates the performance value. This is also evident from the fact the Asanti SSC007 rim itself is of Aluminum forging, giving testament to its quality, and result oriented design. The SSC-007 Super Series is also short peeped to give it a lusher, textured finish, as the icing on the aforementioned 3-piece construction. Unlike most manufacturers trying to meet a quota, Asanti Super Sport Series wheels emphasize more on quality; producing many high quality custom wheels.

Asanti SSC-007 Wheels

Buy Asanti SSC-007 Wheels Online

Fortunately, there are periodic discounts, courtesy of the rising competition for the SSC-007 rims. Some online dealerships, like, are now shaving a bit off the wholesale price, and selling these custom wheels at obscenely low prices. The car rims come attached with a manufacturers warranty, so don’t worry, it is not a rip off! It’s a steal, one that you can’t afford to pass up. The SSC-007 still ranks high among the best custom rims on the market today, with it’s manufacturing process being the benchmark of its impeccable quality, and its longevity in performance only serving as an add-on to this fact.

As a principle, provides high quality sets of Asanti SSC-007 wheels, at a reasonably pocket friendly price – a good deal, if ever there was one.

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