Asanti CX501 Wheels: The Ideal Rims

Asanti CX501 Wheels are the ideal custom rims, which can earn you the ultimate satisfaction in terms of performance and elegance on the streets. Manufactured by Asanti Wheels, one of the leading household names in forging of custom rims, one does not even need to think twice about these wheels. Asanti Rims has been in the business of manufacturing forged truck and car wheels for the past decades, a true reflection of the experience and the expertise that Asanti CX501 Rims are made from. In their manufacturing, Asanti employs a culmination of European styling and custom finishes to come up with forged wheels which are luxurious and unique in several ways.

The Forging of Asanti CX501 Wheels

The Asanti CX501 Wheels are forged by the manufacturer and are not imported, as with other wheel builders. Some of the most experienced technicians in the USA who understand the needs better of every car model and type when it comes to car and truck rims, do the forging of these custom wheels. One of the best features with Aasnti Wheels is that, a client is given the chance to select from a wide range of preset finishes the Asanti CX501 wheel design that they feel would be fit for their cars. This coupled with the expertise advice from the engineers; everyone has the chance to get the exact wheel design that suits their style in terms of custom color and finish.

Asanti CX501 Wheels

The Asanti CX 501 wheel is manufactured, chromed and finished in the USA by Asanti Wheels. These luxurious forged car rims are available in various sizes ranging from 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches to 26 inches. The Asanti CX501 Wheels are done in standard color finishes, which feature three coats of oven baked powder coating. This one is covered with two coats of clear. There are also custom color finishes which feature three coats of automotive grade paints of the highest quality with two coats of clear which gives the Asanti CX501 Rims the lustrous finish that they posses. However, most of the Asanti CX501 Wheels have standard finishes.

The Ideal Asanti CX501 Wheels

All the sizes of Asanti CX501 can be done in different finishes as at times even suggested by clients from the Asanti wheel builder. This gives the owner of a car to be able to give details on any other details that they feel should be included in the wheel in terms of the size and finish during manufacturing. However, the available finishes include Chrome Rims, Silver Wheels, Black Rims, Custom color and Brushed Aluminum Wheels. What’s more fulfilling about the Asanti Wheels is that forging is done according to the make or model of cars. This ensures that one only gets the best wheels fit for their particular cars and trucks.

When shopping for Asanti CX501 Rims, one is presented with lots of choices to ensure that they get quality wheels and tires, a great value for your money. The choices range from the construction, finish, available sizes, vehicle make or model and provisions for customization. All these choices are to give every client the right to get the perfect wheel, which offers them the required performance and road. The custom wheels are made from the finest materials for unrivaled metallurgy and style. With Asanti CX501 Wheels, all your street dreams in terms of high performance and elegance are fulfilled.

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