Asanti custom finishes highlight your vehicle

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asanti-wheelsStyle. Everyone has it. But not everyone wants to display it. The truth is, our personal style shows even in the smallest details of the things we do. From our clothes, to our shoes, to our choice of car, to the homes we live in. Style permeates what we do. Everyone has style. With that said, style is also a function of personality. Something that might be out of place for someone with a certain personality might just be natural for another personality type. This is true for clothes. Wearing bright and loud clothes might turn off introverts. However, if you like to be the center of attention, bright and in your face clothing would suit you quite well. It is all about picking your clothes based on your personality and comfort level. If you can carry it and it fits your attitude and personality, you should select it. What works for clothes definitely works for car wheels as well. Let’s face it-regardless of how awesome you think your car looks, there are hundreds, thousands, if not millions of other cars just like it. Let your car’s personality shine out by accessorizing your car. This is where your personality comes in. Do you want your car to look just like everyone else’s? Or do you want your car to reflect your love of live and your willingness to live life out loud? If you are looking for the right aftermarket car accessories that help you stand out, you only need to install Asanti wheels on your car and watch it transform. Asanti manufactures wheels that are proven to give life to any car. This manufacturer’s wheels can make all the difference. It can turn a generic import or domestic car into a superstar. How? Not by sucking up all the attention but by highlighting the features of the car. In other words, by accessorizing-the right way.

So what better way to do it, than Asanti’s custom finishes? Asanti will let you pick every aspect of your wheel, in every finish imaginable. What to match your factory paint? Not an issue. Want the rivets to be chrome, the face to be matte, but the lip to be polished? Sure. They can handle every possible scenario, including even wood finishes available for some wheels!

Contact a Street Dreams sales rep today to discuss the infinite number of possibilities that your Asanti wheels can come in. We can help find the right finish, and save you money in the process!


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