Asanti Curved Series Wheels: Asanti AFC404 Chrome

Asanti Curved Series Wheels: Asanti AFC404 Chrome – Asanti wheels are reputed for a lot of aspects but more importantly, they are reputed for their sturdiness and reliability. The wheels are coated multiple times by oven baking and plain paint so as to lend a high sheen and luster. Being oven baked powder coated; the sheen on the wheels is long lasting and durable. Maintenance of the wheels is not a problem as they are easy to use. Asanti has a huge range of wheels and one of the most popular is the curved series. Asanti AFC404 Chrome tire in the curved series is a chrome finish wheel that is one of the most popular. These tires can be customized. If you have a specific idea about the way your tire and wheel assembly should look, then Asanti will customize your wheel for you as per specifications. A number of online stores accept special orders for the wheel as they are always in high demand.

Asanti AFC404 Chrome: Suitable for Various Vehicles

Asanti curved series wheel, the Asanti AFC404 Chrome is suitable for a number of purposes. You can use it for your cars, SUVs and even trucks. With a number of size options, the tire that offers a lot of flexibility of usage is one of the best in business. Sizes available are 22.24 and 26. If there is one more special aspect that the Asanti wheels are known for, it is their stylish appearance. The curved or concave wheels lend a special visual appeal for the vehicle as well. The chrome finish lends them a distinctive class and elegance.

Asanti Curved Series Wheels: Asanti AFC404 Chrome

Reasonable Prices on Asanti AFC404 Chrome

Prices of the wheel are reasonable. You can have them home delivered by placing orders in online stores. One way to find a great bargain is to request quotes. Quotes are available for free and comparing quotes from various stores will give you an idea about the best price. So, if you are looking to add some zing to your vehicle and give it a new looks, then Asanti curved series wheels is your ultimate destination.

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