Asanti AF167 Custom Painted Two Piece Wheels

Asanti AF167 Custom Painted Two Piece Wheels – The advancements that have been made in technology have given rise to the improvement of the products available in the market and the vehicle industry has not been left behind in this revolution with the introduction of Asanti Two Piece Wheels. There are a number of models that are available from this respected manufacturer and an individual is able to get one most suited for their car or truck. One of the models that are available from the Asanti Wheels collection is the AF167 Custom Painted Wheels. This wheel has grown in popularity over the years since the elegance in its design gives one vehicle a classy look, increasing its aesthetic value in the process.

Asanti AF-167 Wheels:

About the Asanti AF167 Custom Wheels

The design of the Asanti AF167 Custom Painted Wheel has been created with the influence of an elegant European touch with a custom finish. The custom painted rims will be sure to turn heads as one drives by and these wheels are definitely a worthwhile addition to an individual’s car. The unique design offers an element of grace to the vehicle’s outlook in general and matches with the different colors in the vehicle market thus will go well with any shade an individual’s car happens to be.

This model is available in different sizes and one can choose one according to the particular specifications of their car. Manual readjustments by mechanics can however be made by individuals who may want to fit in larger sized rims on their cars and this customized work allows one the choice of any size of the AF167 Custom Wheels available. The sizes range from 20 to 24 inches giving the buyer a variety of choice. The wheels are available in a number of colors as well as designs to break the monotony of the production and one is able to choose a design most suitable to their taste as well as matching the color of their car if they feel like diverting from the traditional plain chrome.

Asanti AF167 Custom Painted Two Piece Wheels

If one happens to have specific desires for the kind of rim they want to purchase, then they are able to take advantage of the customization services that are offered with this Asanti AF167 Custom Wheel. One is able to come up with their design and have it manufactured according to their specifications. This luxury service ensures that no individual will have the same AF167 Custom Wheel.

Features of the Asanti AF167 Custom Wheels

  • Durability – These AF167 Custom Wheels have been designed to last for a long period of time before needing replacement. This is an especially wonderful economic benefit as replacing the rims of a vehicle can prove to be a financially draining activity.
  • Personalization – The customization services offered by these wheel manufacturers allow one to come up with their own unique design adding a personal touch to the design of the car in the process.
  • Reputation – These Asanti Wheels are considered as luxury items and owning a set of AF167 Custom Painted Wheels also serves as a status symbol for those who may be looking to build their name among various social circles.

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