Asanti AF163 Wheels: The Most Luxurious Rims

Asanti AF163 Wheels – There are numerous wheel manufacturing companies today, but not many of them can meet the standards that have been set by the Asanti Wheels company. With great wheel designs, Asanti Rims has over the years grown to become a market leader in the wheels industry. They have managed to produce a series of wheel models that not only improve the car’s performance, but also give it an great facelift. With wheels from Asanti, your car will always standout of the rest on the highway. This time, the company has released a new model of wheels that comes with great benefits for the car. This is the Asanti AF163 Rims model. It is a luxurious forged 3-piece model of wheels with an advanced durability and reduced weight to ensure that your car not only looks great, but also improves on its speed. However, before you hit the road to the shop for a set of Asanti AF163 Wheels, you need to understand how it can benefit your car.

Variety of Asanti AF163 Wheels Styles

One great thing about this set of wheels is that it comes in a variety of designs, styles, and sizes. These Asanti AF163 Rims will help you to give your car a different look on every occasion. This set of wheels also provides an enhanced handling, making it the best option for a sporty ride. These wheels have gained a lot of popularity world wide with many drivers referring to them as the trend setter. This amount of popularity can be attributed to their high quality and fascinating designs. In fact many drivers believe that with a new set of Asanti AF163 Wheels, your social value will definitely rise. What’s more, you can get a set of this rim model with your own personalized designs for your car. Asanti Wheels has a team of designers who will take all of your preferences into consideration and eventually come up with a design that will make heads turn.

Asanti AF163 Wheels

Apart from making your car look more attractive, Asanti AF163 Wheels are meant to improve the performance of your car. Since they are light in weight, these wheels will significantly reduce the amount of weight on your car. With a reduce load, your car will improve on its fuel efficiency and speed. You will therefore be able to travel for long distances without experiencing fuel shortage. Additionally, these AF163 Wheels from Asanti Rims allow air to flow to your car’s braking system, thereby reducing the amount of heat created by the system. Overheating of the breaking system is considered to be the major cause of break failure in many cars. With these wheels, you can therefore rest assured that your car’s breaking system will remain intact for months without being checked.

Asanti AF163 Wheels Lip Size

Asanti AF163 Wheels come in several designs including standard, step, curved, convex, concave V-axis, ELT, Mono block, and the ZLT. Their sizes range from 19 inch to 26 inch. You can therefore be sure to find the right wheel sizes for every type of vehicle. The size of the Asanti AF163 wheel determines its lip size. Once you place an order, you will only wait for two to five days before it is delivered back to you.

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