Asanti AF-177 Wheels

Asanti AF-177 wheels are for those that have mad love for their cars and trucks to an extent of giving him or her a name. You will most definitely love the look your ride will have when spinning with the Asanti AF-177 rims. The AF-177 wheels come in different sizes, from 18 inch wheel to 30 inch rim, depending on the type of series. What’s even great is that they come in two different styles.

Qualities of the Asanti AF-177 Wheels

  • The Chrome: The Chrome of the Asanti AF177 wheels have finishes that give your ride the classy look it deserves.
  • The Asanti AF 177 rims have been said to be of high quality and a design that was inspired by performance.
  • Only the most advanced technology was used in the creation of the classy looking Asanti AF-177 wheels.
  • Thanks to its two different designs, the AF-177 are the most in demand in the car rims market.
  • Its availability in different sizes makes it available for cars and trucks of all models and make, and also ensures a perfect fit.
  • The diameter of the AF-177 rims has been made to hold the tires bead seats.
  • The Asanti AF-177 wheel has got an aluminum finish that gives your ride the glossy look when taken for a spin.

Asanti AF-177 Wheels

Apart from having a brand name that has been associated with rides of famous people like Solomon Kalou, whenever you spot a ride that has got the Asanti AF177 wheels, you will definitely know because it has a tendency of standing out from the other car and truck rims. The Asanti AF 177 rims were also made tough to prevent easy damage, which might in turn cause vibration and failure to hold the tire pressure. The wheels were also calibrated before being released to the market to ensure they surpass the standards of Asanti Wheels so as to give the clients the best wheel ever.

Asanti AF-177 Wheel Profiles and Inverted Designs

The Asanti AF-177 wheels are also available in standard and concave forging profiles that were made to allow inverted designs and have two and three piece construction. The standard series forging is available from 18″ to 30″ inches in size, whereas the concave is available from a 20 inch to 24 inch wheels. To add a little bit of oomph to the already classic Asanti AF-177 wheel, it was branded with the Asanti Rims brand logo that always makes a statement to impress. The concave forging also has an option of two caps one at the center of the Chrome and the other is a cap that is black, but at the center and when looking for the outer and inner lip, you are asked to select from the one you want from a given selection. So whenever you are looking for custom wheels that will match up your personality and one that will give your ride that cool look, then the Asanti AF-177 wheels should be you first and only choice. You can never go wrong with the sleek designs of the Asanti AF-177 wheels.

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