Artis Wheels are the newest way to impress by Lexani

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logoArtis Wheels are the newest wheel line from parent company, Lexani Wheels. Upon first glance, you can tell that Artis Wheels are in a league of their own. From the unique styles and lines of the design, to the custom finishes, people can find plenty to like on this new wheel brand.

With every Artis wheel, the customer gets the ultimate in choice. Every aspect of the wheel can be painted to the customers exacting specifications. Artis can color match your vehicle on all or parts of the wheel, or go to extremely wild designs that highlight the eccentric nature of the wheel. Artis Wheels also offer caps on some styles that fill in openings on the spoke, allowing the customer even more options.


Take a look at just a few of these new wheels from Artis Wheels below. Call your Street Dreams rep at 866-912-7437 today to see what we can help you create!

Artis Wheels by Lexani

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