A Detailed Review of the Asanti Monoblock CX502

Asanti Monoblock CX502 is an incredible wheel model, basically the most luxurious wheel in the market today because of its luxury forged 1-piece design. The wheel offers reliable and dependable services because it features a unique and an advanced metal structure. This is a feature that sets it apart from other wheel models and makes the wheel highly durable despite daily usage. It is specifically designed to ensure reduced weight as well as enhanced handling whether one is going for long or short distance travels. Moreover, it is designed in a way that makes it ideal for sporty rides in different environments.

Asanti CX-502 Wheels:

Asanti Monoblock CX502 European Style

Asanti Wheels are manufactured by a highly reputed company that is well famed for the most luxurious forged wheels in the market today. The company melts European styling as well a wide range of custom finishes in order to create a finished rims line that is very unique. Its great styling offers a seven Asanti custom wheel series and this makes the wheel highly innovative and of the best quality. It is simply a high tech design for enhanced durability. The manufacturer always dreams of quality and design when it comes to wheel manufacturing and this is one of the reasons as to why the rims are widely coveted in the market. For anyone who is always looking for the best results when on the move, Asanti Monoblock CX502 is definitely an ideal solution because the wheels do not disappoint.

Asanti wheels are highly economical because they can be used for a very long time. This is attributed to the wheels forged design and advanced metal structure. Therefore, they are able to resist daily wear and tear elements. They are additionally made of standard and high quality materials for extra quality. This is enhanced by astonishing design that additionally makes your car highly valuable and with an enhanced aesthetic value. Moreover, the wheels are luxurious, hence, incredible for anyone who wants to make a statement while on the highway. It is no doubt that the folding technology, advanced techniques used on the wheel, wheel accessories and astonishing designs helps to enhance the value of any car.

Asanti Monoblock CX502

Wide Range of Colors Available with Asanti Monoblock CX502

Asanti Monoblock CX502 offers a wide range of rim models. This is custom made to ensure the wheel fits in a wide range of car and truck models. Similarly, they are available in a wide range of Asanti colors. Therefore, you always have a wide selection to choose a color that interests you most. They also come in high quality custom color finishes that feature 3 coats of oven baked powder coating followed by 2 color coats of clear. In this relevance, the rims can be used for a long time without loosing its appeal and this, explains why Asanti Monoblock CX502 wheels are in a league of their own.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • A wide array of sizes combination and finishes
  • Standard color finishes

Moreover, Asanti Monoblock CX502 wheels are available at the most affordable prices in the market. Therefore, the wheels are an economical way of enhancing the value of your car.

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