10 Tips for the Care of Your Wheels and Tires

10 Tips for the Care of Your Wheels and Tires – Taking care of your wheels and tires is a very important part of vehicle maintenance to ensure a safe ride. You will be surprised on the number of persons that get injured or killed in tire-related accidents every year. Tire failures are often blamed for Under-inflated and overloaded vehicles. If you like to buy expensive rims, you will like to keep them clean and safe from thieves. Here at StreetDreams.org, we have 10 tips that will help you avoid having any tire-related accidents and keep your expensive rims safe.

10 Tips for the Care of Your Wheels and Tires:

  1. One method to avoid damaging the tires from the many potholes in the streets and highways is to keep the proper pressure.
  2. Check the tire pressure at least every two weeks.
  3. When you park, try not to hit the curb with your wheels and tires or else you can easily get them damaged.
  4. Check the manufactured date of the tire. Remember that the rubber has a lifetime and although the tires may appear “look good”, they will no longer meet the requirements for which they were made.
  5. Try to rotate the tires on your vehicle at least once a year or every 10 thousand miles. Consult your owner’s manual to learn the proper way to do it.
  6. Try not to clean the wheels with abrasives as they lose their luster quickly.
  7. If your car wheels are made of aluminum or magnesium, it is recommended that you balance them with the tires placed on them.
  8. If you fell into a hole and bent one of the wheels, take it to a shop specializing in repairing rims. If the damage was a lot, we recommend changing that wheel for a new one.
  9. At a parking spot, be careful with the wheels as there are sidewalks that are high or very rough and can scratch them.
  10. If possible, get a safety stud (lock) so that you won’t get surprised by thieves and leave your car without wheels.

10 Tips for the Care of Your Wheels and Tires

Each person that owns a motored vehicle should spend a few minutes (each month) inspecting the wheels and tires of their car, truck, van or motorcycle. Little things; like checking the tire pressure, cleaning your wheels and tires, will decrease the chance of having an accident or having them stolen. Not to mention, that it will increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency by running more miles per gallon (MPG).

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