New at Street Dreams: BLACK RHINO WHEELS

logoBlack Rhino truck wheels were designed exclusively with the off road truck and SUV enthusiast in mind. Most Black Rhino wheels are made in negative offsets which are perfect for lifted trucks and SUVs. The wheels come in a variety of 17″, 18″, 20″ 22″ and 24″ sizes in a variety of finishes – Gloss Gunmental, Matte Black w/Machine Face & Dark Matte Tint, Matte Black w/Matte Graphite Lip, Matte Black, Gloss Black with Machine, Matte Black with Matte Machine, 5,6 and 8 Lug, all depending on what perfectly suits your Truck or SUV.

Some of the newest Black Rhino Wheels include the Everest. It is a classic flat face, five spoke design that is timeless. Finishes on the Everest include silver machined, or an extremely popular matte black finish. Sizes on the Everest range from 20×9 all the way up to a massive 24×10.

Another new wheel from Black Rhino is the Rockwell. The Rockwell is a more aggressive off road wheel that really fits that traditional look. It comes with a split 8 spoke design that is available in either a gloss black with machined lip, or a matte black finish. The sizes on the Rockwell range from 17×9 up to 20×9.

So when you get ready for a new set of off road wheels and tires, consider going with Black Rhino Wheels at Street Dreams.

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The Lexani LSD-4 is forged wheel perfection

lexani_lsd4_chromeWhen it comes to making your mark on any crowd, either in terms of individual people or a mass of cars, you have to do two things: you have to step out and you have to step up. In the highly competitive world of aftermarket wheels, renowned wheel manufacturer Lexani shows that it is definitely serious in helping you step out and step up. Lexani Forged Wheels helps your car step out of the crowd through great designs that showcase the fact that you and your car are not wallflowers. Lexani’s designs take classic shapes and put a modern and novel spin on them that make them truly shine. Lexani turns classic designs into modern designs. If that isn’t powerful enough for you, Lexani also helps car owners step up. Using powerful wheel-manufacturing technologies that focus on custom forging, Lexani is able to deliver on the holy grail of wheel manufacturing-light weight, durability, and a wide variety of designs. Through engineering feats that other wheel brands never dare to try, Lexani helps you step up from the crowd. You can rest assured that your wheels can take the standard punishment the modern American road dishes out with style and comfort. Sadly, the same can’t be said for Lexani’s competitors. One key model that embodies Lexani’s attention to design and manufacturing excellence is the Lexani Forged LSD-4.

A full faced wheel, the Lexani LSD-4‘s look is very customizable. Not only is it available in all chrome and brushed versions with chrome lips, it is also offered in custom painted versions. Talk about serious customization! Now, you don’t have to worry about your off-color car clashing with your wheels. Lexani really hit the ball out of the park with this custom painting feature. Now, there is no excuse for badly-matched wheels and cars. In terms of size support, the Lexani LSD-4 comes in the following size selections: 24, 26, and a monstrous 28 inches. By giving its customers a wide range of sizes and almost limitless color selections, Lexani makes it abundantly clear that it truly cares about your ability to stick out and stand up from the crowd.

While there are quite a few other full faced wheel designs out there, what makes the Lexani LSD series different is that it is able to accompany the design with strength. What’s the point of rolling out in a nice intricately designed wheel but seeing your wheel crushed when you hit a pothole, or vibrate your vehicle because its out of round? That’s what makes Lexani stand out and step up from the rest of the wheel manufacturer crowd. Lexani marries design variability with customizability and strength. Indeed, durability and selection are the main stocks in trade of Lexani and helps ensure its place in the aftermarket wheel market.


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Cratus Wheels now available from Street Dreams

logo-1Be the first on your block this summer with a set of stylish, yet affordable, Cratus rims and wheels.  Select from these hot, new 2015 choices below.

CR007 in gloss black

With the unique black color, as opposed to a silver or gray color of many tires out there, you will stand out from the crowd in this version of CR007 model. As a finishing touch to the color, there is a gloss effect to add a more refined and distinguished look. It is a one piece, so it is easy to mount and replace. Since they are made of alloy, this material is lighter and makes acceleration easy.

CR007 in gloss black machined

The extra machined accents on the spokes and rim give this wheel a gradient contrast in its appearance. . It is a one piece, so it is easy to mount and replace. Since they are made of alloy, this material is lighter and makes acceleration easy.

CR008 in flat black

The CR008 model of wheel comes with ten spokes, not six as in the CR007 model. This particular style is a plain black color. It is also made of alloy, so acceleration will be a breeze.

CR008 in gloss black machined

The CR008 model in gloss black machined is a mix between the CR007 model and the CR008 in flat black. It is the same alloy, one piece with ten spokes. The color is the same as the CR007 in gloss black machined that gives the entire wheel the gradient contrasting appearance.

CR008 in gloss black machined pinstripe

The CR008 model in gloss black machined pinstripe is a combination of the other CR008 wheels. The color is still black, but the gradient is wider, making the spokes stand out more. It is the same alloy, one piece with ten spokes. The color is the same as the CR007 in gloss black machined that gives the entire wheel the gradient contrasting appearance.

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Savini Black Di Forza Wheels at Street Dreams

logoThe Savini black di Forza line of wheels brings you the affordability without sacrificing any of that quality and style that you need and deserve.

Only the finest and affordable material

All of the wheels are made of a simple, yet sturdy, aluminum material that is good for everyday use. The sizes on each individual wheel vary, and its size and bolt pattern can be customized. Some series, such as the BS5, are made with two types of aluminum-cast and forged-for a sturdier and visually appealing wheel.


Each wheel in this series has its own unique characteristics. The spokes range from five, such as in the BM11, all the way up to twelve, such as in the BM9.
Each wheel comes in a variety of colors, usually chrome, black, and red. Depending on the color, there will be extra finishes added to give the wheel that much more aesthetic appeal. In fact, the BS3 has its own style of a black wheel with the spokes being red, and the BS4 has a black wheel with the spokes being yellow. The BS1 has a three way colored combination considering its chrome wheel with a red and yellow spoke finish. These color combinations all give the wheels that much more of a unique look.

Whatever your needs are in selecting a wheel, choices in the Savini black di Forza line will be a suitable and affordable match for those who want simple, yet sophisticated appeal to hold up in everyday use.

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The newest wheels from Enkei Performance

enkei-logoEnkei wheels have always been on the cutting edge of design and performance. This years newest wheels from them have raised the bar even farther. The 2015 line up includes several new styles in the Enkei Performance line that are sure to grab attention.

The PSR5 is a classic 5 spoke design with a slight twist in that it add a small bevel around the spokes adding a bit of depth to each. This classic reinterpretation is available in 15 to 18 inch sizes for front wheel drive applications and tuners. The PSR5 is available in either a matte black or hyper black finish and in a range of bolt patterns to suite most.

Another new one from the line is the YS5, which is a multi-spoke design that is extremely eye catching. The wheels are available in the same sizes and finishes as the PSr5, and are sure to be popular with tuners around the world.


Wheels from Enkei Performance:

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