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Axis Wheels and Axis Rims

Axis Wheels – Wheel manufacturers have tried to come up with as many different wheel types as possible, but none have matched the standards of Axis rims so far. Of all the vehicle wheels in the market, nothing beats the power and customizations that are possible with Axis Wheels. The slogan for Axis Wheels, ‘passion for automotive excellence’ says it all.

Axis Black Rims have dominated the wheel design industry for over a decade with the best designs for 2012 being available for cars, trucks and SUVs. The most notable improvement with the latest Axis wheels is that both the Zero and Angle have been redesigned with a zero lip. However, the concave center and the staggered look have been maintained. The deadly combo of the best Axis wheels company and the best online vendor for the same, Street Dreams is bound to take your breath away. Street Dreams offer heavy discounts on each purchase of Axis rims.

Axis Wheels Lineup:

Axis Wheel and Rim Sizes:

15 Inch Axis Wheels

16 Inch Axis Wheels

17 Inch Axis Wheels

18 Inch Axis Wheels

19 Inch Axis Wheels

20 Inch Axis Wheels

21 Inch Axis Wheels


Axis Wheels

Axis wheels have been revolutionized this year with the introduction of an additional marquee which is the all New Penta for Porsche. The Axis Halo and the Axis Super Hiro have been reintroduced to bring a new look to the pinstriped wheel. There are many finishes that are still on sale notably: Matte Black, Matte Black Machined, Matte Gold with Machined lip, Matte Graphite with Machined Lip, Black Machined, Gold with Machined Lip and Matte Black with Custom Pinstripe. Some other Axis wheel finishes are available for individual tastes and needs.

Axis rims are available in many bolt patterns and sizes. The sizes include 20 inch wheels, 19 inch, 18 inch wheels and 15 inch Axis wheels. For any given car, SUV or truck, we stock wide variety of sizes. Our engineers can check out your vehicle and recommend the best Axis Wheel size and bolt pattern for enhanced performance. In addition, if you are conversant with your specifications, you can send the details for evaluation online. Unlike the previous models, the new sizes have been designed to fit all variety of car specifications from several manufacturers.

Axis Picture Gallery

White BMW 3 Series with Axis Zero Wheels Nissan 350Z with Axis Super Penta Wheels Blue Nissan 350Z with Axis Shine Wheels
Yellow Nissan 350Z with Axis Super Hiro Wheels Infiniti G35 with Axis Shine Wheels BMW 3 Series with Axis Rev Wheels
Infiniti G37 with Axis Angle Wheels 2011 Chevrolet Camaro SS with Axis Zero Wheels 2011 Nissan 370Z with Axis Zero Wheels
Axis Wheels manufactures their wheels in a variety of series. There are three main series: Axis Wheels, OG Wheels and Exe Wheels which you can identify with. These classifications are not only for the design, but also for sale category. There are series which sell relatively cheap compared to the others.

The variety of Axis Wheel designs includes the Axis Klassic, Axis Angle, Axis Rev, Axis Shine, Axis Super Hiro, Axis Super Penta and the Axis Zero. They are by far the most common designs, because they are relatively cheap compared to the others in the market with a stylish design. The complete line of OG wheels, which are designed and relatively more expensive than Axis Wheels include OG Oldskool, OG Sakura and OG-San. There is just one Exe Wheel design, the EXE Konvex which is for those who would like the ultimate design wheel on their Porsche car.

For the best quality in the market, Axis Rims are still affordable and relatively cheap at Street Dreams. The products are, strictly speaking, sold at the prices that are marked, and if there is a price change, then it means that you will be eligible to receive wholesale prices and discounts. You will find great discounts with us. In addition, all the Axis Wheels that you purchase with us will be well fitted and balanced for you.

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