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ATX Wheels and ATX Rims

ATX logoStreet Dreams is not a new name in the wheels business, and ATX Wheels add glamour to its reputation with their astonishing charm and great looks. ATX rims are self-proclaimed as one of the best off road and 4×4 wheels in the industry. Let’s have a short preview on ATX black rims claim to fame. ATX is essentially a series of all terrain wheels that are designed for off road trucks and lifted truck fitments. Granted there is nothing new about the previously mentioned, what makes ATX wheels demand the respect of the market is the fact that the entity boasts of being the first tire manufacturer to coat their wheels with Teflon. The advantage of this coating is that it improves the life span of the wheel – this is greatly attributed to the fact that the coated ATX rims greatly resist brake dust, and even UV degradation.

ATX Wheels Lineup:

ATX Wheel and Rim Sizes:

15 Inch ATX Wheels

16 Inch ATX Wheels

17 Inch ATX Wheels

18 Inch ATX Wheels

20 Inch ATX Wheels

22 Inch ATX Wheels


ATX Wheels: All-Terrain Rims

Having determined that ATX wheels are not your run-of-the-mill wheel manufacturer, the next logical question to ask would naturally be: Just what exactly does the ATX brand stock? If you are in the market for ATX rims, the following are some of the features and specifications you will come across:

    • Finishes: Chrome, Teflon coated, Matte Black machined, Black and Black Machined are some of the finishes that you expect from ATX wheels.


    • Designs: Artillery, Assault, Chamber, Crawl, Force, Justice, Mohave, Slot, among other ATX rims.


    • Sizes: The ATX wheels come in the following sizes – 15 inch, 16 inch, 17 inch, 18 inch, and 20 inch rims. These are some of the most popular sizes that are available.


  • Vehicles: The vehicles that the manufacturer of ATX rims designates for their wheels are mainly Ford F-150, F-250, and F-350 trucks. But ATX wheels are also commonly used in all 4×4 trucks and off road SUVs, like; Jeep, Tundra, Silverado, and Titan.

ATX Wheels Picture Gallery

2011 Toyota Tundra with ATX Ledge Wheels Jeep with Girl on ATX Slab Wheels Red 2011 Jeep with ATX Crawl Wheels
Black Evolution Jeep with ATX Slab Wheels 2010 Ford F-250 with ATX Artillery Wheels Black Jeep with ATX Slab Wheels on the Rocks
Silver Jeep with ATX Crawl Wheels on the Mud Red Jeep with ATX Crawl Wheels on the Rocks Black Ford Bronco with ATX Artillery Wheels
With many wheel manufacturers out there in the market, the next logical question that begs to be answered is this: Why ATX wheels? The long and short of it is this, when you make a purchase of ATX rims what you essentially expect is to get rims that are designed to be light – thus giving you a feel of a performance wheel. The importance of a light wheel is that it saves on fuel economy. The second attribute of these ATX rims is that they have an artistic flair to their finishing and the end result of this is that the rim in many respects bears an appealing look, regardless of how it ages; these are some of the attributes that you are assured when you purchase ATX wheels.

ATX Wheels

The ATX rims are for sale at Street Dreams, an authorized ATX distributor. On sale are all the ATX wheels with the finishing and sizes mentioned above. We sell all the ATX wheels mentioned above for relatively affordable prices, not cheap (sic). Safer transactions, quick customer support and wholesale prices are the unique qualities of our store, which add icing to the cake, when you go out for the crucial ATX rims purchase. If you would like to make a purchase of ATX black wheels, it is essential that you visit our online store and place your order online, or contact us with the size and finish that you are interested in. Here one will come across our customer care personnel who will help on question and inquiries regarding shipping, warranties, and even accessories that come with the purchase of ATX rims. Consider the offer made here, and dress your off road truck or 4×4 SUV with ATX rims. The value added from such an investment in ATX Wheels is in many respects incalculable.

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