AC Schnitzer 18 Inch Wheels & Rims

AC Schnitzer logo

Street Dreams has a large collection of 17 inch AC Schnitzer Wheels at discounted prices. The styles and finishes vary according to the different model of cars. Whichever model your car is, 18 inch wheels are the best rim size that will perfectly suit it. No matter if it’s a car, truck, or SUV, there is always a set of 18 inch wheels that will make your vehicle to look stunning. Buying 18 inch wheels has never been so easy. The most exciting thing about 18 inch wheels is that they are all for sale at very affordable prices. Purchasing 18 inch wheels and tires is a great deal that you will not regret.

 AC Schnitzer Wheels and AC Schnitzer Rims are made for BMW and Mini applications. These AC Schnitzer BMW wheels and AC Schnitzer Mini Rims are made of high quality materials to improve appearance and performance, without losing any power or comfort and are made for daily driving use. AC Schnitzer Wheels are the best option when choosing your BMW’s or Mini Cooper’s rims. The AC Schnitzer Rims are available in silver and custom black finishes. Depending on the application, you can select from forged, one piece, or multi-piece AC Schnitzer Wheels in various sizes. Size available for the BMW are 18 inch Wheels, 19 inch, 20 Inch Wheels, and 22 inch Wheels AC Schnitzer Wheels. AC Schnitzer Rims for the Mini are available in 17 inch rims.


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