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AC Schnitzer Wheels and AC Schnitzer Rims

AC Schnitzer logoAC Schnitzer Wheels and AC Schnitzer Rims are made for BMW and Mini applications. These AC Schnitzer BMW wheels and AC Schnitzer Mini Rims are made of high quality materials to improve appearance and performance, without losing any power or comfort and are made for daily driving use. AC Schnitzer Wheels are the best option when choosing your BMW’s or Mini Cooper’s rims. The AC Schnitzer Rims are available in silver and custom black finishes. Depending on the application, you can select from forged, one piece, or multi-piece AC Schnitzer Wheels in various sizes. Size available for the BMW are 18 inch Wheels, 19 inch, 20 Inch Wheels, and 22 inch Wheels AC Schnitzer Wheels. AC Schnitzer Rims for the Mini are available in 17 inch rims.


AC Schnitzer Wheel and Rim Sizes:

17 Inch AC Schnitzer Wheels

18 Inch AC Schnitzer Wheels

19 Inch AC Schnitzer Wheels

20 Inch AC Schnitzer Wheels

22 Inch AC Schnitzer Wheels


Street Deams offers great deals on AC Schnitzer Wheels and Tires packages. Our AC Schnitzer Rims are for sale at huge discounts, and in most cases they are sold below wholesale price. The AC Schnitzer Wheels are slim and very light in weight, improving cornering for a more pleasurable driving experience. Buy new wheels for your BMW or Mini at really cheap prices. AC Schnitzer Wheels and AC Schnitzer Rims are the only wheels that are perfectly crafted to suit the needs of your BMW and Mini cars.

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