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Ballistic Wheels and Ballistic Rims

Ballistic logoBallistic Wheels are manufactured with one goal on mind; to improve the performance of your truck. With the latest models of Ballistic rims, your truck will be transformed into an expensive ride that you have never even imaged. These Ballistic wheels are designed by some of the best truck wheel designers in the industry. Their quality is therefore impeccable. Ballistic rims have the capability to improve your ride and make it a head turner on the highway. They can also improve the performance of your old SUV. Ballistic rims on sale at Street Dreams are designed to provide excellent performance on a wide range of terrains. What’s more, you can get all the desired Ballistic finishes and sizes at a wholesale price, which is difficult to find anywhere else in the whole online market.

Ballistic Wheels Lineup:

Ballistic Wheel and Rim Sizes:

15 Inch Ballistic Wheels

16 Inch Ballistic Wheels

17 Inch Ballistic Wheels

18 Inch Ballistic Wheels

20 Inch Ballistic Wheels

22 Inch Ballistic Wheels


Ballistic Wheels

We are pleased to inform you that we, at Street Dreams offer these great rims from Ballistic. The most unique thing about Ballistic wheels is that they are designed with unparalleled craftsmanship using high quality resources and customized construction. In fact, many car owners regard Ballistic Wheels as the market leader in the construction of custom wheels for off road trucks. The other good thing about this company is that it has wheels that can meet every driver’s needs. Ballistic wheels offer a wide range of custom rims for different vehicles, including trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, and more. It is also important to note that Ballistic Wheels has started to produce wheels for newer vehicles. So if you are a 4×4 and off road lover, and you want to remain on top of everyone else, then Ballistic wheels are the best option for you. Ballistic rims are known to provide a truck improved appearance and performance to help you face your competitors straight on.

Ballistic Wheels

You can now save enormously by purchasing the Ballistic rims with us on sale. We offer these Ballistic wheels at the most reasonable cost. Our aim is to help every driver experience the benefits of having Ballistic wheels without making them feel the financial pinch. So on top of enjoying improved performance you will save a few dollars on every Ballistic wheel you purchase. There is no need to drive on substandard wheels while you can have a wonderful set of high quality Ballistic rims at no extra cost. You will also save on the cost of replacing your wheels every now and then, considering that Ballistic wheels are designed to last longer than ordinary wheels. An authentic wheel from Ballistic Wheels offers excellent longevity and performance. So if you do not to waste money purchasing new wheels every year, Ballistic rims are the best choice.

Ballistic Wheels Gallery

Ballistic Wheels are among the most entrenched and highly regarded brands in the industry today. Designers at Ballistic Custom Wheels have extensive experience in designing customized wheels that can meet every driver’s desire. Their Ballistic rims are effective in improving performance and appearance of every vehicle. It is right to say that Ballistic is the market leader in producing custom truck rims and luxury wheels for SUVs. What make Ballistic rims more unique; are the exclusive progressive designs coupled with ground-breaking craftsmanship. Street Dreams offers a wide variety of Ballistic wheels in different sizes. These sizes mostly depend on the wheel sequence. Ballistic wheel sizes range from 15” to 20” wheels. You can therefore rest assured to find the exact size of truck wheels you wish to have. Ballistic rims are also available in a couple of finishes including the flat black machined, chrome, flat black with red inserts, and chrome with black inserts. It is important to have high quality chrome rims from the best off road rim manufacturer, which is Ballistic Wheels.

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