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American Racing Wheels and American Racing Rims

American Racing logoAmerican Racing Wheels have been on sale for more than half century now. American Racing Rims rank among the top manufacturers of aftermarket wheels. With the highest standards in mind, American Racing rims are designed in a special way that they look good on almost all cars and trucks out there. They turn traditional vehicles into sick looking and high performing cars and trucks. By purchasing a set of these rims, you will be acquiring the element needed to reflect your style and personality. Whatever kind of vehicle you have, you will find a set of American Racing rims to match its size.

American Racing produces wheels in different style and sizes. Wheel sizes available are 17 inch, 18 inch, 19 inch, 20 inch and 22 inches. Buy American Racing rims in chrome rims, black Rims, or other custom wheels finishes. These wheels offer style and performance, but they also provide safety and comfort. At Street Dreams you will find American Racing Wheels for your cars and trucks. We have American Racing Wheels for sale at discount prices.

American Racing Wheels Lineup:

American Racing Wheel and Rim Sizes:

American Racing Rims 15 Inch Wheels

American Racing Rims 16 Inch Wheels

American Racing Rims 17 Inch Wheels

American Racing Rims 18 Inch Wheels

American Racing Rims 20 Inch Wheels

American Racing Rims 22 Inch Wheels

American Racing Rims 24 Inch Wheels

American Racing Rims 26 Inch Wheels


American Racing Wheels

American Racing Wheels started as a rim producer in 1956. Over time, American Racing became one of the largest aftermarket manufacturers and distributors of wheels for street cars, muscle cars, hot rods, and trucks. If you own an American muscle car or truck, American Racing Wheels have the perfect rims for you. They have wheels for Chevrolet, Fords, GMC, Dodge, Acura, Mercedes, Lexus, and many more. Improve the appearance and performance by upgrading to a set of wheels by American Racing. Use our vehicle fitment tool to find which American Racing rims fit your vehicle.

American Racing Wheels offer rims for a good number of today’s high performing cars and trucks. American Racing rims are made for true American made vehicles like Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes, trucks, Chevy trucks, Ford trucks, Dodge trucks, GMC, and much more. All American Racing wheels are made of high quality magnesium and aluminum materials, making them resistant against the toughest conditions. These components will help you avoid the need to replace your wheels in the future. American Racing spends a lot of time researching and testing new and technologically advanced ways to make their car and truck rims perform better. American Racing employs excellent craftsmanship and professional engineering to deliver wheels with innovated and high performance features. We sell the best aftermarket American Racing Wheels at discount prices.

American Racing Photo Gallery

Old School Classic Chevy Truck with American Racing VN470 Salt Flat Wheels 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS Wide Body with American Racing Torq Thrust Wheels 69 Chevy Camaro with American Racing Torq Thrust II Wheels
2011 Chevrolet Camarao with American Racing VN801 Daytona Wheels Roadster with American Racing VN470 Salt Flat Wheels Ford Mustang Fastback GT350 with American Racing Torq Thrust Wheels

All car rims and truck wheels manufactured by American Racing are backed up by decades of street and track testing, turning your vehicle into a very nice looking street machine. American Racing rims don’t just improve your vehicle’s appearance; American Racing Wheels also improve your car and truck’s performance. That’s the perfect combination to intimidate and turn heads at the track or on the streets. Don’t just settle for those cheap, low priced rims from the auto parts store down the street. American Racing car and truck rims really make your ride look and perform better. At Street Dreams you can get a complete American Racing wheel and tire package, a set of wheels, a single wheel, and every hardware accessories needed to complete the job.

Most American Racing rims come in chrome and black finish. But American Racing polished wheels and rims in machined finish are also available. The most popular finishes we sell are chrome, black, silver, polished, and machined black. We at Street Dreams can also custom paint them to match the color of your cars and trucks. Contact us for details and pricing. We have a wide selection of American Racing rims in all finishes and sizes. Street Dreams is you #1 online source for American Racing Wheels at wholesale prices.

American Racing Wheels Banner

American Racing is not the average rim manufacturer. A company that has been producing aftermarket wheels for over 50 years must be really good at what they’re doing. If your dream is to have a set of good looking and long lasting wheels that provide excellent performance, you are looking for American Racing rims. Click on the picture of each individual wheel to see the quality in American Racing Wheels. From staggered rims in 18” and 19” in diameter, American Racing makes the best wheels for your muscle car. You can opt for the trending American Racing 20 inch wheels or 22 inch rims for your trucks. But we have a good number of 17 inch and 18 inch rims for all other vehicles. We offer a wide number of options on American Racing rims. For example, the Torq-Thrust fits cars and trucks. They produce wheels with different designs and sizes. You may have a hard time deciding which American Racing Wheels to buy.

American Racing Wheels for sale at the lowest prices on the market available only at Street Dreams. We stock and sell hundreds of American Racing Wheels. We offer genuine discount prices and fast shipping on all our wheels. Whether you are looking for American Racing Wheels for cars or American Racing rims for trucks, we have them!

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