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Street Dreams is proud to announce FREE SHIPPING on Lexani wheel and tire purchases. Contact a sales rep for more details.

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24" Wheels/Tires - ONLY $1,599

24 inch chrome Savini wheels and tires

For a very limited time, Street Dreams is offering up a spectacular wheel and tire deal for your Ford or Chevy, SUV or truck. 24" Savini BM-5 in a full chrome finish, with tires, for only $1,599!

New at Street Dreams: BLACK RHINO WHEELS

logoBlack Rhino truck wheels were designed exclusively with the off road truck and SUV enthusiast in mind. Most Black Rhino wheels are made in negative offsets which are perfect for lifted trucks and SUVs. The wheels come in a variety of 17″, 18″, 20″ 22″ and 24″ sizes in a variety of finishes – Gloss Gunmental, Matte Black w/Machine Face & Dark Matte Tint, Matte Black w/Matte Graphite Lip, Matte Black, Gloss Black with Machine, Matte Black with Matte Machine, 5,6 and 8 Lug, all depending on what perfectly suits your Truck or SUV.

Some of the newest Black Rhino Wheels include the Everest. It is a classic flat face, five spoke design that is timeless. Finishes on the Everest include…

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Vehicle Sales


Street Dreams has several show vehicles that are meticulously maintained and customized. When they are replaced, we sell them to the public. Also make sure to see our awesome new line of Kevlar coated Jeeps!

Chrome Wheels, Custom Wheels and Tires!

At StreetDreams.org you will find a great selection of wheels and tires to choose from, including: chrome wheels, custom rims, rims for cars, rims for trucks, high quality cheap rims, black rims, rims and tires, discount tires, and much more! We carry all major brands of custom wheels. Wheel brands like Giovanna Wheels, Lexani Wheels, Asanti Wheels, DUB Wheels, American Racing Wheels, and Foose Wheels. We have the hottest and best-looking models of chrome wheels and black rims at, and in many cases, below wholesale price. We know that every person is different and that each has their own style and taste when it comes to wheels and tires. That's why we have custom wheels that can be built and customized specifically for your vehicle, setting you apart from the rest. These custom rims, in most cases, can be customized even to the very minimum detail. These rims and recommended for those individuals that are not satisfied by the stock wheels or the traditional aftermarket rims, like chrome wheels or black wheels. We can custom paint these wheels to match your car or truck's paint, or any color that you like. But we also know the economy is still struggling and not all of us can afford to spend thousands of dollars for a set of expensive chrome wheels. That's why we have rims for cars and rims for trucks at closeout prices. But these cheap rims, other than the cheap price, have nothing cheap about them. These wheels and rims are made of the same high quality and craftsmanship as our higher end luxury wheels. When purchasing your car rims or truck rims through our monthly package specials page, you will be buying a complete rims and tires package that will be put together specifically for your car, truck, SUV, van, or whichever vehicle you have. Our high quality cheap wheels usually come in the form of chrome rims or black wheels.

Selecting the Correct Chrome Wheels or Custom Wheels and Tires Package

Not sure which chrome wheels fit your vehicle? We at StreetDreams.org, offer you with a very user-friendly wheels and tires search engine that contains a database with almost every vehicle specifications and applications. All you need to do is visit our rims search engine by clicking the "What Fits My Ride?" at the top of this page, enter the year, make and model of your car or truck, and you will be given a list of all the wheels and tires packages that will fit your car or truck. Contact us via phone email or chat if you need additional help choosing the correct truck wheels or car rims and the correct tires. You may also contact us to place your custom rims, custom wheels, and cheap tires order for highly customized orders.  

Free Accessories, Mounting and Balancing for your Chrome Wheels and Custom Wheels

All of our chrome wheels and custom rims and tires packages come mounted and balanced by one of our expert wheels and tires technicians for free. You also get all the necessary hardware accessories for your wheels and tires, completely free of charge. These include the lugs and wheel locks (when applicable) and the chrome valve stems needed for the wheels and rims. Those are huge savings, in addition to the savings on all of our rims for sale. StreetDreams.org goal is to offer you with a huge selection of the best quality wheels and tires at or below wholesale price. We are able to accomplish this by providing you with the latest car rims, truck wheels and discount tires, including: rims for cars, tires and wheels, cheap rims, custom wheels, painted rims and cheap tires at the lowest price possible. Street Dreams is Your Home For: Wheels and Tires, Cheap Rims, Car Rims, Custom Rims, Truck Rims, Rims and Tires, and Cheap Tires!

Wheel Brands:

Wheels Wheels Wheels Wheels Wheels WheelsAC Schnitzer WheelsAdventus WheelsAdventus Forged WheelsAdventus Monoblock WheelsAkita WheelsAkuza WheelsAmerican Racing WheelsAntera WheelsArtis WheelsAsanti Black Label WheelsAsanti Concave Series WheelsAsanti Curved Series WheelsAsanti DA Series WheelsAsanti ELT Series WheelsAsanti Monoblock WheelsAsanti Step Series WheelsAsanti Super Sport Series WheelsAsanti Three Piece WheelsAsanti Two Piece WheelsAsanti V-Axis Series WheelsAsanti ZLT Series WheelsATX WheelsBallistic WheelsBBS WheelsBeyern WheelsBlack Rhino WheelsCEC WheelsConcept One WheelsCoventry WheelsCratus WheelsCray WheelsDavin Blak WheelsDavin Revolve WheelsDiamo WheelsDIP WheelsDivinity WheelsDPR Offroad WheelsDPR Offroad Forged Series WheelsDPR Offroad Street Series WheelsDUB WheelsDUB 1ONE WheelsDUB Mega Spinners WheelsDUB Show WheelsDUB Skirts WheelsDUB Spinners WheelsDUB Street WheelsEnkei Classic WheelsEnkei Luxury Sport WheelsEnkei Performance WheelsEnkei Racing WheelsEnkei Truck WheelsEnkei Tuning WheelsFesler WheelsFoose WheelsFoose Classics WheelsFoose Monobloc WheelsForte WheelsFuel Offroad WheelsFuel Offroad Two Piece WheelsGenius WheelsGFG WheelsGianelle WheelsGiovanna WheelsHelo WheelsHRE WheelsIncubus WheelsIon WheelsIon Bilt WheelsKinesis WheelsKlutch WheelsKMC WheelsKoko Kuture WheelsKoko Solid WheelsLexani WheelsLexani Forged WheelsLexani Monoblock WheelsLorenzo WheelsLumarai WheelsMandrus WheelsMayhem WheelsMazzi WheelsMKW Offroad WheelsModular Society WheelsMomo WheelsMotegi WheelsMoto Metal WheelsNiche Forged WheelsNiche Monotec WheelsNiche Racing WheelsNiche Sport WheelsNiche Touring WheelsNiche Track WheelsNoir WheelsNovitec Rosso WheelsOE Replicas WheelsPinnacle WheelsRBP WheelsRBP Monoblock WheelsRBP Street WheelsRBP Street Forged WheelsRed Dirt Road WheelsRedbourne WheelsRidler WheelsSacchi WheelsSavini Black Di Forza WheelsSavini Diamond WheelsSavini Forged-Duoblock WheelsSavini Forged-Mono WheelsSavini Forged-Signature WheelsSavini Forged-XC WheelsSavini Forged-XLT WheelsSendel WheelsSothis WheelsSymbolic WheelsTechArt WheelsTouren WheelsTSW WheelsUS Mags One Piece WheelsUS Mags Two Piece Cast WheelsUS Mags Two Piece Forged WheelsV Rock WheelsVeloche WheelsVerde WheelsVertini WheelsVictor Equipment WheelsViscera WheelsXD Series Wheels
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